What To Bring to the Yosemite Summit Conference


  • Badges ($5 fee if you forget it) or copy of your on-line registration form. YSC will mail badges to you until 10/15. After that date, pick up your badges at Registration.
  • Warm Clothing: Jacket, Gloves,Shoes,Hat (it is cold in November with possible snow)
  • Flashlight: Remember to bring batteries too.
  • Emergency Information: Who to contact? What medications?
  • Coffee Pot: If you do not want to buy coffee bring your own setup!
  • Patience: You will have to wait in line for dinner! You will have some waiting for registration! This can be frustrating so be prepared to practice the virtue of patience. Food: There are only a few places to eat in the park and they can be sometimes expensive. There is not a McDonalds or anything that remotely comes close. So bring some snacks.
  • Park Rules: We are in a National Park and must comply with the federal regulations at all times. This means following the rules for bears and food! Learn more.
  • Smoking: If you smoke you will need to be tolerant and aware that there are people who do not smoke. The Park requires smoking only in designated areas. This will be enforced this year. You maybe subject to a fine if you are smoking where you are not supposed to be.
  • The YSC Committee and the Yosemite concession have worked very hard over the years to make this large conference be as enjoyable as possible. We welcome your reasonable suggestions. Please remember that we are in a National Park and as our A.A. design for living has taught us, let us “Leave it Better Than We Found It”