The Early History of the
Yosemite Summit Conference

One evening, in 1983, at the men’s meeting, they were sitting around talking and thought it would be nice to have a Summit. Not a conference. They wanted to grow and have a place of their own so they could have more meetings. At that time they were meeting at the American Legion Hall, on Bullion and 12th streets. It wasn’t about making money. It was just fun.

A few months later, plans were being made to have the Summit in Yosemite. Bob I. took on the chairperson for this event. One of the members, Denny W. advanced the group seed money to start. This was used for flyers and reservation for Curry Village where the event was to take place.

Alanon put on their first program that they were having the 12 Steps to Serenity in Yosemite and this was taken over by the AA group as the slogan for the Summit conference. The group didn’t know what would happen, but there were between 1000 to 1200 at the first conference in 1984. They had no one to tape the speakers so for the first two years Bill S. taped the speakers. As they didn’t have any way to make copies at the conference, they took names, addresses, and orders of what tapes the person wanted. They also paid in advance. Once the conference was over, Bill S. took the tapes out to someone else to have copies make up. The tapes were then sent to the persons who had ordered them. This was a lot of fun as everyone wrote his or her names and it was hard to make out the correct spelling. This work was all done on Bill and Jane S’s. dining table. At the 3rd Conference they made arrangements for someone to come in and tape for them. This has continued throughout the rest of our Conferences.

The first committee consisted of Bob I., Vickie R., Jill and Jim C., Bob S., Bill S., Denny W., Jack T., Bob D., Nancy C-J and Karen K-S. They had a banner made to hang behind the podium and they did not realize what they had started. This banner has hung at every Conference since that time.

The Al-Anon committee consisted of Marilyn K., Jane S., Marilyn W., Bruce, and Lorraine G. and Patti J. of Merced.

In 1988 the committee decided to sell sweatshirts and they have done so since.

There were two years the conference was not held. Once in 1995, due to the Federal government budget and again in 1997, due to the flood.