Alateen Safety Guidelines for Yosemite Summit Conference

1. At least two Area certified Al-Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS) will be present as group sponsors at each Alateen meeting

2. Parents/guardians are asked to provide contact information in case there is a need for the Alateen Sponsors to contact them.

3. All Alateen meetings are closed meetings; attendance is limited to Alateen members and specific group sponsors. Open Alateen meetings will be clearly noted and are open to all Yosemite Summit Conference attendees.

4. All Alateens, even those who are legal adults, are required to comply with the Alateen guidelines and Area requirements when participating as Alateens.

5. All certified AMIAS will be identified with special badges.

Alateen Behavior Guidelines for Yosemite Summit Conference Alateen Meetings and Events

1. When you attend an Alateen meeting or event at this conference you must have the approved NCWSA travel and treatment form signed by a parent or guardian.

2. Possession of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

3. We are guests of Yosemite National Park and we ask that the Al-Anon/Alateen standards of conduct be respected. (Modest dress, polite language, restraint in public displays of affection, self-control when angry, patience, kindness, understanding, and respect in relationships.)

4. All Alateen members are responsible for themselves, remembering that what they do reflects on their group, the conference and the name of Alateen

5. Review and abide by NCWSA Minimum safety and behavioral requirements for an Alateen Member


 Require that the Alateen Group has at least one sponsor at each meeting.

 Avoid overt or covert sexual interaction with any Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS).

 If inappropriate actions or statements are made in or around an Alateen Group Meeting or the Yosemite Summit Conference, it is appropriate that the Alateen member report this to an AMIAS. If an action or statement appears threatening, it is appropriate to call the police or speak to an attorney.

 Avoid conduct contrary to applicable laws.

 Use the NCWSA Travel and Treatment Form (A-22-7) when traveling to or from any Alateen meeting or function with an AMIAS. It is recommended that each Alateen member complete an A-22-7 form signed by their parent or guardian in case of injury or illness during an Alateen meeting or event.

 It is recommended that Alateen members travel with an AMIAS or their own parent, rather than with another Alateen or someone else’s relative or friend. Al-Anon members must be currently certified AMIAS in order to provide transportation to Alateens who are not their own children or wards.

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